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Alignment & Optimization


The maintenance Alignment & Optimization is single-day session designed specifically to optimize the training experience and maximize the training outcomes. We achieve this by focusing on two sub objectives:

  1. Develop a plan for optimizing training delivery

    When a facilitator is knowledgeable about your organization, two things happen: he will better relate the training material and learnings to your specific environment, and secondly, he will be viewed with infinitely more credibility in the eyes of your colleagues.
    The information to build a plan for optimized training delivery is gathered during the Alignment & Optimization. The facilitator will match the Alignment & Optimization findings with the curriculum to determine where best times and ways to reference your processes, strengths, challenges, and goals. The end results are greater learning and a more valuable experience.

  2. Establish the post training goals

    Although some organizations have clear expectations following training, many do not. By helping you to identify specific and measurable post training goals, not only is the training experience more valuable, the training should drive positive change and improvement. This act alone will significantly increase the value of the training as you convert knowledge into meaningful action.

You will learn the “readiness” of your organization related to the particular maintenance improvements that you wish to undertake. In any improvement effort, the first step is to understand where you are currently and your desired state in order to perform a “Gap Analysis” and develop a strategy plan for improvement.

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