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Optimizing Maintenance Through Lean Practices

Did you know that up to 60% of your maintenance personnel's time is wasted! Wasted on activities that add no value to your organization's process or bottom line. There are many forms of waste in the production process that we have learned through our experiences in Lean Manufacturing. By comparison, it is now possible to apply these learnings in identifying and eliminating waste in the maintenance department.

Lean Manufacturing has proven to be a powerful process to optimize manufacturing in today's competitive environment. Marshall Institute's Lean Maintenance has taken the best of the lean world and applied it to maintenance optimization.

As manufacturers, both discreet and process, search for means of improving plant reliability, reducing manufacturing costs, and staying ahead of the competition, the practical application of lean methodologies to the maintenance function is now a reality. Many organizations use the term "lean maintenance", Marshall Institute is now applying the "true" methodologies of lean manufacturing to improving the maintenance organization.

Who Should Attend

This state-of-the-art 2-day seminar covers all implementations steps to begin a Lean Maintenance process. It is designed to benefit every level of maintenance personnel, providing the most up-to-date facts and techniques on the maintenance technology that is revolutionizing the way our industry operates. It examines the importance of creating a Lean Maintenance Department in a Lean Manufacturing environment and how Lean Maintenance integrates with other maintenance improvement initiatives such as RCM, TPM, and WCM. A "must" for Plant Engineers, Maintenance Superintendents, Maintenance Managers, and Reliability Managers.


Need for Change

  • The World Has Changed
  • External Pressures
  • Internal Pressures
  • Managing Change
    - First Step in Managing Change
    - Second Step in Managing Change
    - Third Step in Managing Change
    - Fourth Step in Managing Change
    - Fifth Step in Managing Change
  • Managing Complex Change
    - Rate of Change
    - Vision for Change
    - Support for Change

Maintenance Excellence

  • What is Maintenance Excellence?
    - Key Maintenance Activities
    - Measures
    - Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
    - Planning and Scheduling
    - Storeroom Control
    - Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    - Reliability Improvement
    - Reactive Maintenance

Lean Basics

  • History of Lean Manufacturing
  • What is Lean Production?
    - Flow and Value
    - Lean Production is…
  • 7 Forms of Waste
  • 7 Principles for Lean Change
  • 7 Tools for Achieving Lean
  • Typical Lean Steps
  • Spaghetti Chart
  • Cell Layout-Equipment Configured to Product Flow
  • What is Batch Production?
  • Batch Production vs. Lean Production
  • Lean Advantages
  • Disadvantages of Batch Production

Flow Simulation

  • Goals
  • Situation
  • Situation Guidelines

Improvement Tools

  • Key Principles for Waste Elimination
  • Identifying Value
  • Current State Analysis Tools
    - Product Quantity Analysis
    - Takt Time: Customer Demand
    - Process Mapping
    - Spaghetti Charts
  • Current State Analysis Summary
  • 7 Forms of Waste
  • 7 Principles for Lean Change
  • 7 Tools for Achieving Lean
    - 5S
    - Visual Controls
    - Cell Design/Flow
    - Pull Systems
    - Quick Change
    - Total Productive Maintenance
    - Mistake Proofing

Application to Maintenance

  • Techniques
  • Categories for Implementing Lean Maintenance
  • 10 Steps to Lean Maintenance
    - Define
    - Assess
    - Apply
    - Control

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