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Energy Asset Management Services

In today’s current market, it is imperative that the Energy industry makes changes that promote eliminating waste in processes and reducing operating costs. Marshall Institute understands these needs and provides solutions to assist with bringing these costs under control.

We achieve this by ensuring your Maintenance and Turnaround execution processes are thorough, personnel are well trained in the processes, roles and responsibilities are clear, and a continuous improvement culture is embedded

Marshall Institute supports compliance with API RP 75 (SEMS: Safety Environmental Management Systems Legislation) ISO 55000, ISO 31000 and ISO 14224, current DOT and FERC standards.


  • Energy Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment (OGMEA)
    • The assessment team will deliver a custom road map to achieve superior maintenance, reliability and integrity performance. The goal is Operational Excellence! The assessment reviews 21 elements of your maintenance and reliability operation and has been delivered to over 100 assets for Upstream, Mid, and Downstream.
  • Turnaround Effectiveness Assessment (TAREA)
    • The assessment concentrates on the turnarounds which occur every 1 – 5 years in the Energy industry. The primary goals of the assessment are maintaining safety compliance, optimal budget, and timing of execution, to bring production back on-line as soon as possible. These improvement efforts can generate an ROI of 5:1 to 25:1.
    • The assessment reviews each phase of the turnaround including:
      • Leadership Strategy
      • Front End Loading (FEL)
      • Scope Management
      • Planning & Scheduling
      • Logistics Management
      • Operations Shutdown & Startup Optimization
      • Execution Performance
      • Closeout & Lessons Learned
  • Competency Assessments (based on individual roles in the process)
  • Role Based Performance Audits
  • Process Productivity Assessments
  • Storeroom Assessment
  • Data Cleansing
    • Material Catalog (BOM)
    • Asset Register / Hierarchy Development
    • PM Optimization

Strategic Planning

Strategic maintenance planning is critical in supporting the company’s overall objectives.

Marshall Institute assists clients by:
  • Engage executive sponsors
  • Identifying Critical Business Issues
  • Developing Maintenance and Reliability Goals and Initiatives (aligned with organizational goals and objectives)
  • Developing Project Plans
    • Harmonizing all organizational initiatives to ensure company focuses on the critical few activities that have the biggest impact on maintenance and reliability
  • Development of a Steering Committee

Training, Coaching and Audits

Marshall Institute’s experienced consultants are skilled in the use of SAP PM and can design a coaching process to assist the implementation of structure training process that includes initial training, on-the-job coaching and follow up audits in:
  • Workflow management using SAP PM, Maximo, and other EAMs/ERPs
  • Work Preparation, planning, scheduling and execution
  • Cost Management methodology integrated with daily, weekly work management
  • PM Optimization
  • SAP Coaching users in SAP Plant Maintenance and Business Warehouse, Quality Module
  • Set up and re-write PMs – Technical Integrity Database – in SAP
  • Qualified to use SAP PM
  • Materials Management

Asset Integrity Services

  • Equipment Condition Analysis and Risk Assessment (ECARA)
    • A reliability and integrity review of critical equipment
  • Asset Registrary Verification
  • Performance Standard Development
  • Technical Document Writing
    • PM Procedures
    • Maintenance Procedures
    • Operations Procedures
  • HAZOP Analysis/ Risk Analysis
  • PM Optimization

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