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Maintenance Systems Improvement

Maintenance systems like Planning and Scheduling, Storeroom & Material Control and PM Optimization - are the key to equipment reliability and performance. Effective and efficient maintenance systems support equipment availability and production optimization. If your systems are weak, you risk unplanned downtown, costly equipment failures, production losses, increases in maintenance cost and a loss in confidence between maintenance and other departments, to name a few.

Marshall Institute can quickly identify weaknesses in your maintenance system and work with you to correct them to reap the benefits.

Systems Improvement Options:

Total Productive Maintenance

We provide on-site support and guidance to aid clients in developing or enhancing a high-involvement process for equipment care and reliability improvement. Our TPM related services range from readiness assessments to strategic planning to post-implementation audits. Marshall Institute is recognized as one of the premier providers of TPM consulting and training.


Storeroom Solutions

Typical storerooms have 48% of their inventory considered excess or obsolete. Marshall Institute MRO services include assessing, training, and on-site coaching to establish both an effective and efficient storeroom operation. The main objective is to establish optimum inventory levels through effective analysis, implementation, procedures, and controls that ensure sustainability that supports maintenance excellence. Our goal is to help you turn your storeroom into a profit center.

Planning and Scheduling

Our consulting and training supports the client in setting up an effective and efficient maintenance planning and scheduling system. We assist in providing the criteria for planner / scheduler selection and establishing roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the planning process. We assist in development of work process flow mapping, establishing standard job plans, field work preparation, establishing daily / weekly scheduling meetings, and setting up departmental key performance indicators.

PM Optimization

Performing too much PM (Preventive Maintenance) or ineffectively performing PM can be costly. PM Optimization utilizes RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) principles to quickly improve performance of existing assets by eliminating unnecessary, redundant, and ineffective PMs; costs are reduced, maintenance is more effective, equipment performance is increased. We provide customized workshops to meet the clients' needs in optimization of their PM systems. These custom workshops can range from 3 days to a full blown PM Optimization campaign on all of the assets in your company.

Six Sigma/Lean Maintenance

Marshall Institute has been developing cutting edge approaches to the integration of six sigma tools and techniques into maintenance. We have successfully integrated process flow and waste elimination from Lean Manufacturing with preventing process variation from Quality Improvement, with defect elimination for equipment reliability and efficiency improvement from Total Productive Maintenance.

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