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About Marshall Institute

Marshall Institute is an asset management consulting and training company dedicated to helping companies improve the maintenance contribution to their organizational performance. For over 35 years, Marshall Institute has provided world-class consulting and training services, led by experienced, knowledgeable consultants and training professionals producing tangible, measurable results for our clients. Marshall Institute was established in 1975 by the renowned maintenance pioneer and educator, George Smith.


Reliability improvement is a continuous journey, not a destination. We partner with our clients to deliver sustainable reliability improvement strategies to solve their most significant maintenance issues. To improve the performance and reliability of maintenance systems, equipment, and people we offer assessments, training, on-site coaching, strategy development & implementation, and auditing services. To make the improvements sustainable we believe each client requires a tailored strategy. To customize an improvement strategy, our first step is to listen to a client to better understand their needs. View our consulting services


To transfer skills and knowledge to maintenance and reliability professionals we offer public seminars (you come to us), on-site training (we come to you) and live webinar training. We offer training topics such as Total Productive Maintenance, Strategic Maintenance Leadership, World Class Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling, Storeroom Optimization, Preventive/Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Supervision and more. View our training offerings

We make a difference by providing value-added services leading to positive results!

The Results

Just in the last few years, our Total Productive Maintenance implementation efforts have helped our clients achieve:
  • a reduction of unplanned downtime 98% at an aviation bearing facility
  • increased production capacity of 1.2 million per year at a personal products facility
  • reduced rebuild cost by $160,000 in only 6 months at one chemical plan
  • excellence as a 2-time winner of the prestigious North American Maintenance Excellence award
  • ...for more client achievements click here

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